ESPN Monday Night Football / GMC Commercial

ESPN Monday Night Football / GMC Commercial

Richter Studios was recently selected by the world-renowned creative agency ESPN CreativeWorks to manage the local production of a new ESPN/GMC nationwide commercial featuring Monday Night Football host Jon Gruden.  The 2003 Super Bowl Champion coach was in the Windy City for the Halloween game between the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings.  Filming occurred the following day.

“It was exciting to work with the outstanding creative team at Ignition and to help execute their concept for the spot,” stated CEO Jeremy Richter.  “A lot of work went into this over a short period of time but our combined crew did an excellent job with the production requirements, including location scouting, props, wardrobe, sourcing all the production gear and set dressing. It was another proud day for the Chicago video production scene.”

ESPN Monday Night Football / GMC Commercial Featuring Jon Gruden

Below are the creative teams involved with the production:

Director: Charles Whitcher
DP: Jeff Bierman

Richter Studios Team:
Executive Producer: Jeremy Richter
Account Executive: Eric Schmidt
1st AD: Ed Grozich
Producer/AD: Jessica Batson
Production Manager: Joe Martinez, Jr.
1st AC: Christian Mejia
Gaffer: Tom Scott
Key Grip: Robert Martinez
Best Boy Grip: William (Bill) Lindgren
Grips: Joe Legault, Brendan Dean & Miles Kerr
Dolly Grip: Mike Anderson
DIT/VTR: Tyler Colgan
Sound Engineer: Anthony Mariotto
DMX Operator: Brian Healy
PA’s: Dalton Traina & Hannah Kopen
Lead Stylist: Karen Koenig
Lead Stylist: Karen Accattato
Assistant Stylist: Christine Sciortino

This effort joins an impressive list of commercial productions championed by Richter Studios. The company also has broad video production experience developing brand films, corporate videos and animations for a wide range of industries. Included in its portfolio for commercial productions are spots for Bayliner, Pinehurst Golf Resort, Kmart, Sears and Northwest Community Healthcare.

About Richter Studios
Richter Studios is a pioneer in the digital realms of cinema and photography. Since 1997, the company has amassed over 3,000 video productions and hundreds of photo shoots. Headquartered in Chicago’s beautiful West Loop, Richter Studios is an award-winning firm with a geographic reach that has spanned over 45 states and 12 countries. The company has worked with an extensive range of business leaders and celebrities, including Ludacris, Arnold Palmer, Bill Kurtis, Jim Lovell (Apollo 8/13), Pádraig Harrington, Kevin Streelman and many others.

Below are some additional pictures from the shoot.

Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_01 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_02 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_03 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_04 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_05Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_06 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_07 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_08 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_09 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_10 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_11 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_12 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_13 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_15 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_14 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_16 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_17 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_18 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_19 Richter_Studios_BTS_ESPN_GMC_20