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Tools of the Craft

Live Streaming Video Production for a Changing World

Given the recent events involving the Coronavirus (COVID-19), your next video production may require a very different approach. Traditionally, exchanging ideas and thought capital were mostly done in-person at special events, conferences and trade shows. Due to the restrictions being imposed on large or even mid-size gatherings in early 2020, live streaming video productions or […]

AI and the Next Decade of Video Production

Coinciding with the 20th anniversary of Richter Studios, there is a great amount of innovation occurring in the film and video production industries. The breakthrough of computers and cameras becoming digital production partners over the past two decades has led to exponential growth. Without question, the way creative professionals “create” is evolving at a rapid pace. Now, the rise of Artificial […]

Resource Gems For Video Production Creatives

Having managed over 3,000 video productions over the past 20 years, the creative team at Richter Studios has amassed a unique “grab bag” of creative resources. These hard-to-find gems have helped shape and inspire so many of our projects. If you are a fan of outstanding typography, editing, animation, cinematography or sound….do we ever have some revealing discoveries in […]

The Voices Powering Richter Studios

During the latter half of the 1960’s, David Richter Sr. began capturing silent 8MM films of his family. It was a passion which translated into hundreds of creative treasures. His son, Jeremy Richter, has continued that tradition through Richter Studios and the vibrant Chicago video production scene for the past twenty years. One of the main differences between these two […]

Drone Aerials Take Center Stage

Increasingly, the creative team at Richter Studios is seeing demand for drone aerials. This exciting new field of cinematography has opened the door for more visually compelling storytelling. Drone aerials offer a fresh perspective not often seen in today’s video productions. Richter Studios – which has received a Section 333 Exemption from the FAA – […]

Introducing “HI-FIVE” Drone Aerials

In response to the growing demand for responsible drone aerial cinematography and photography services, the award-winning creative team at Richter Studios is proud to announce the addition of a new production platform called “HI-FIVE”. Developed with safety and simplicity in mind, HI-FIVE represents the company’s firm commitment to providing clients from across the United States with […]