The Richter Studios Difference

To truly standout, you need more than a basic video. We help differentiate your brand through powerful cinematic experiences. Richter Studios has been developing award-winning marketing films for over 25 years. Our team of master craftsmen have a strong affinity for traditional cinematic standards. Our unique creative approach has led the brands we champion to be featured on the world’s most famous red carpets, including Cannes. We believe our cinematic approach holds the magic to transform your brand.

The creative foundation for all the video productions we manage is explained below. There is a very real difference between standard video content and the kinds of cinematic experiences we create. Exceptional quality and a cinematic approach do come at a price but we believe the benefits far outweigh costs. Read below to learn how we differentiate your video content through the power of cinema.

the challenge

The market has become saturated with video content. Even worse, most messaging is too complex, the quality is lacking and there’s no emotional connection to it. It is difficult – if not impossible – to standout if you are following the same approach as everyone else.

the answer

We bring the power of cinema to video production. A marketing film created by Richter Studios is a work of art. We want to tell your story in way that inspires, evokes awe and effectively communicates your brand messaging.

Here is a breakdown of how the Richter Studios team ensures your video is a cinematic experience.

Develop Brand Stories with Heart

Without question, to be effective, you need to have a great story. Even more importantly, audiences rarely remember facts when they are bombarded with a multitude of them in a video. However, audiences frequently remember how a video made them feel. Through our consultative approach, we help you identify the emotions you want your audiences to feel and then develop creative direction around them. When it’s clear your video has heart, it has a much better chance to soar!

Identifying Tone and Style

At the outset of a project, it’s important to explore and share video examples that inspire. It’s also important to contrast with examples that won’t work. This helps us understand what specific creative approaches we need to pursue. Every client has a great story to tell but the key is identifying the most appropriate creative execution to see it through. Depending on your specific preference, you may need a humorous video, a high-energy piece, or one with futuristic themes. The possibilities are endless but dialing in a tone and style that speaks to your brand is the key. Being engaged with our creative team during pre-production is how to ensure a great curtain call.

Keep the Messaging Simple

Your film needs to convey a powerful yet simple message — not like a detailed PowerPoint deck. The goal is to inspire potential customers to take action by contacting you to learn more. If you want to make a memorable impact, less messaging will get you more traction. The most effective videos feature a maximum of three core messages. A simple rule of thumb to consider is that viewers are deciding whether they like your video in the first 10 seconds and will likely watch for no longer than 90 seconds. Concise messaging is critical. The creative team at Richter Studios can work closely with you to draft a focused, powerful script.

Cast Professional Talent

If you want to feature your product or service in its best light, then don’t cut corners with talent. As much as you may feel your employees would be every bit as good as Henry Cavill or Meryl Streep, we can assure you that they absolutely won’t be. Just imagine your favorite film without the stars that made it so great. Professional talent are often the greatest ambassadors for your brand. If you seek marketing magic, go with the pros. It’s money well spent.

24 Frames Per Second

We output all of our productions at the traditional cinematic standard, which is 23.98 frames per second (commonly referred to as 24fps). This is different than the way most television programing is delivered. The greatest films of all time were captured and output at this frame rate and the visual aesthetic is undeniable. If you want to leverage the awesome power of digital cinema, this is the path to go down. Your brand deserves no less.

Capture in a RAW format

Many cameras film at 4K resolution (including your iPhone) but the footage is often highly compressed — valuable color information is discarded. Imagine driving a Tesla powered by gasoline….it would completely defeat the purpose. At Richter Studios, we leverage camera RAW formats which preserve color information for greater latitude in differentiating your brand with color grading. It’s one of the key factors that add to the overall production value and professional aesthetic. When it’s your brand on the line, let our team of professionals help you select the best approach to filming and post production.

Cinema-Grade Lenses

Many production houses film with lenses intended for photography, not high-end video productions. It’s how they can charge less. The reality is they are shortchanging you because photography lenses distort motion imagery and don’t render color as accurately as cinema-grade lenses. Where budget permits, we always encourage clients to film with cinema-grade lenses to capture your brand in its full glory.

Shaping Your Light

Although most people don’t realize it, one of the main reasons why a film or video looks as cinematic as it does is because the lighting was carefully constructed and shaped by a team of master craftsmen. Shaping light affects how you convey your brand’s tone, feel and style. This may mean muting some details while accentuating others. At Richter Studios. all great cinematic shots begin with a lighting strategy. To make your brand shine, exceptional lighting design is required.

Sophisticated Framing & Movement

Most cinematic and memorable shots didn’t happen on a tripod. Great cinema requires unique camera movement and framing.  For example, this could mean filming with mechanical jibs to start a shot at the ground level and then elevating the frame several feet above the subject matter.  Great cinema could also mean filming with motion stabilization systems so that your hero shot is steady and smooth. GoPro arrays and Drone Aerials are also great ways to incorporate unique camera perspectives in your production.  If you want to differentiate, go beyond static, tripod-based compositions.

Visualize & Inspire Through Animation

Some complex ideas or processes are difficult to convey through traditional cinematography — this is an area where animation can play a essential role. Animation can also inspire the imagination — a cornerstone of great cinema. Because of its inherent flexibility, animation is often a great way to illustrate complex concepts in way that is easily understood. Animation is not only a unique way to tell your brand story, it can resonate with with your audience in a way that inspires them to action.

WOW Your Audience Through Color Grading

We film in camera RAW formats.  Without a LUT (look-up-table) applied, the image quality often looks muted and flat. Despite this, it’s the better — and most cinematic way — to capture your footage. RAW formats enable our creative team greater flexibility to enhance the color of your shots.  Effective color grading during post-production helps shape your brand and communicate your messaging with maximum impact. Effective color grading communicates tone, mood, style and so much more.

Make An Emotional Connection Through Audio

Great cinema means great storytelling through what your audience sees —  but also through what your audience hears. This can often be a combination of the right voiceover talent, music selection and sound effects. Audio helps establish the overall energy, mood, and tone of a video. When done correctly, you can immerse the viewer’s sense of sight and sound to establish a strong emotional connection to your brand.


Every brand needs a great story. Tell yours with the Richter Difference.

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