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Trade Show Videos: Showcase Your Company

A trade show video production is a great way to showcase your company to a larger audience. We differentiate your video through the power of digital cinema.

What Are Trade Show Videos and Why Invest In Them?

A trade show video production is captured during a conference or trade show. They can consist of interviews and B-Roll footage. Typically, trade show videos:

  • Showcase the actual show itself through highlights from the event, interviews with attendees, etc.
  • Feature keynote speeches, classroom sessions and special events (dinner outings, celebrations, etc.)
  • Are utilized on websites and e-mail campaigns to attract greater attendance at future events.
  • Are a great venue to capture client testimonial videos in a single location.

When done correctly, trade show video productions can achieve many marketing objectives. Careful planning in advance of the event can enable you to maximize the creative possibilities.

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trade show video production
trade show video production

What Are Best Practices For A Trade Show Video Production?

Here are some best practices to consider when planning your next trade show video production:

  • Know your target audience.
  • Define your key messaging, takeaways, or call-to-action.
  • As shows tend to be very involved, consider filming with multiple cameras.
  • Prepare a detailed schedule for filming opportunities around event schedule. Pad some time for breakdown and set-up for the production crew when they are traveling between locations.
  • Reserve a room to store production equipment and to charge batteries and offload footage captured during show.

Trade shows are high energy events that require a good deal of planning. Consider doing a location scout with your production crew in advance of the show to discuss your hopes/expectations.

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If you have questions and would like to speak to us about a project, call us at (312) 861-9999 or send a message.

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What Is The Process For Creating A Trade Show Video?

Like any video production, you’ll follow a linear flow from Pre-Production, to Production, and through to Post-Production:

  • Define your target audience, key messaging, and tone.
  • Select a storytelling style that best suits your defined goals (spend time on YouTube and Vimeo to identify great examples).
  • Most trade show videos are interview-driven, so be sure to prepare interview questions that will lead to the messaging you desire.
  • If an experiential, music-driven style is chosen, identifying the right music is key.
  • Cast the right voice or onscreen talent.

Taking added time and care during Pre-Production to address topics like these is the best way to ensure a successful outcome while avoiding wasted effort and unnecessary expense.

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trade show video production
trade show video production

How Can I Differentiate My Trade Show Video Production?

Trade show video productions can often involve not only your target audience but also many of your clients. They deserve great production quality! Consider pursuing a cinematic experience for your trade show video to standout. To achieve this, you’ll need a cinematic approach to production:

  • Focus on the emotion(s) you want your audience to feel.
  • Hire at least a three-person production crew (Cinematographer, Camera Assistant and Audio Tech). Adding a Producer to manage the shoot onsite is also strongly recommended.
  • Consider filming with cinema-grade cameras and lenses.
  • Go beyond a tripod to introduce camera motion.
  • Capture the show’s energy with multiple cameras, including interviews. The quality uptick will be obvious.

Take a deeper dive into these topics and more by exploring how Richter Studios can differentiate your trade show video production by clicking the link below.

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Richter Studios brings innovative and exciting ideas to every project we work on.

“Collaboration is what I look for in any creative endeavor and Richter Studios brings innovative and exciting ideas to every video production we work on. We have done a lot of Brand and Product work with the team and each time I am surprised and delighted with the outcome.”

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Facts About Video Production By Richter Studios

The master craftsmen at Richter Studios have developed over 12,000 "films" over 24 years. Our portfolio has won over 75 international awards.

Companies which are a good fit to retain Richter Studios have a deep affinity for creative excellence. We seek to build lasting partnerships that inspire our creative team to develop powerful video and animation solutions for our clients. Our pricing structure reflects the craftsmanship which has been featured at the world's most celebrated red carpet events.

How Long Does It Take To Produce A Video?

It often depends on the style of the video production that you'd like to pursue. An instructional video, trade show video, or social media video can take as little as 4-6 weeks. Larger productions — like brand films or commercials — can take 8-12 weeks.

How Much Does It Cost To Produce A Video?

An animation-based explainer video can cost as little as $20K. Productions that require custom filming — like corporate videos or testimonial videos — typically begin around $35K. Larger productions — like brand films or commercials — which require multiple days of filming, aerial cinematography, or sophisticated animations often range between $50K to $250K. If you have an established budget, we can also work backwards to find the creative approach that's right for you. Repeat clients enjoy more flexible rates and priority scheduling.

What Do I Need To Do To Get Started With Richter Studios?

The easiest way to get started is to visit our contact page and fill out a brief form. You can also call us by phone at (312) 861-9999 or chat with our representatives directly from this page. Once we learn more about your project, we'll prepare a formal proposal outlining our approach with a line item cost.

Trade Show Videos

Looking for some great trade show video examples?

Each of these clients leveraged our trade show video production services. No two productions are exactly the same but we encourage you to explore our portfolio to view examples of similar work or to find inspiration for your next video production.

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