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We’re the Wight choice. Celebrating 50 years of transforming businesses, Oliver Wight is a consultancy that uses its real-world experience to ensure people, business processes, and technology are fully aligned and integrated across an organization. Oliver Wight coaches, guides, and inspires businesses’ own people to drive change throughout their organizations. They directly affect bottom lines — and when they wanted a corporate video production company that gets the same results, they asked Richter Studios to produce this series of business training videos.


Voices with volume. This testimonial video gets to the heart of why participants love their Oliver Wight course. We combined high-quality interview footage with intriguing B-roll and on-screen text for an effective Q&A format.

Creating successful business training videos is an art. Over and over, Richter Studios has taken a potentially prosaic project and made it lively, engaging, and persuasive. We know how to draw out the strongest, most credible customer testimonials — then, depending on the production, we add striking cinematography, B-roll, animation, on-screen text, and/or narration for videos as beautiful as they are believable.

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Masters of scheduling. Our corporate video production company brought light and energy to this customer testimonial video — this time combining interview footage with B-roll and powerful section headings.

High-quality products, evident expertise and a commitment to customer care.

“Richter Studios has been a critical partner in the launch of our new visual brand identity for OnCourse Learning. It was important to align ourselves with a video team that is committed to the same core values as we are — high-quality products, evident expertise and a commitment to customer care."

Pam Junot | VP of Brand Management | OnCourse Learning

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