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Best face forward. Longtime Richter Studios client Rust-Oleum — founded on the principle of protecting surfaces from the elements — has been known since 1921 for its rust-preventive paint. Today, it also offers a full-line of specialty products that transform tabletops, walls, doors and home accessories into mirrors, chalkboards, whiteboards, and more. Rust-Oleum gives a new look and functionality to your decor. With this set of home improvement videos, we give Rust-Oleum a fresh face, too.


Mirror, mirror in a can. We designed this series of home improvement videos — including this how-to for creating a mirrored surface with Rust-Oleum specialty paint — for consistency and ease of understanding. A common narrator, relaxed pace, and simple on-screen text instructions build viewer confidence and spark inspiration.

From “kitchen” to “office” to “bedroom,” we built all the “rooms” from scratch at Richter Studios and lit the production to mimic daylight. Whether your shoot is on location or right here in our studio, we’ve got you set.

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Gross grout, tacky tub? Rust-Oleum has it covered with its tile and tub refinishing kit. We show you how in this easy-to-follow product instruction video.

Magnetic personality. Learn how to get some stick on your surfaces in this demo video production.

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Whiteboard wizardry. Rust-Oleum’s specialty dry erase paint creates the magic in this instructional video production.

Chalk it up. Learn how to turn any surface into a chalkboard in the last of this group of home improvement videos.

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Asia Fatima | E-Commerce Marketing Strategist | Stealth Air Compressors

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