Agriculture Photography

We have over a decade of experience capturing agriculture photography of small and large-scale dairy farmers, their operations, workers, and beautiful landscape. We bring your business to life through gorgeous still imagery.

Capturing The Heart Of America Through Agriculture Photography

Capture the essence of your farm and operations through stunning agricultural photography

Located in Chicago’s beautiful West Loop, we have been capturing exceptional agriculture photography across the nation for over a decade. Our time tested approach to these types of shoots typically includes the following:

  • We help develop a creative strategy to the shoot
  • Shoot logistics/approach that are aligned with the farmer’s normal daily schedule
  • Minimally disruptive to farmer operations
  • Syncing up on results at the end of each day
  • Variety of images featuring landscape, farm, operations, workers and animals
  • Individual and family portraits

We also have a state-of-the art Chicago production studio to capture your professional portraits, individual corporate headshots, corporate photography and more. We have also traveled extensively to frame the perfect shot. To date, our Chicago photographers have traveled to over two dozen states to photograph various farms.

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Richter Studios Agriculture Photography

Over 250,000 Still Images Captured By Our Master Craftsmen

The art of capturing the perfect still image is something we live for and we have done it thousands of times on farms across America. In addition to our stunning agriculture photography, we also enjoy composing outstanding product photography, corporate photography, professional portraits, and so much more.

Our Professional Photography Services

We’ve made friends on farms all across America.

We’ve shot video and photography on farms for over a decade. Contact us now so we can discuss your needs. We live for the perfect image and want to knock your agriculture photography right out of the park!

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