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Chicago’s Master Craftsmen

Pioneers In The Golden Age of Digital Cinema®

With thousands of comprehensive productions under our belt, the creative team at Richter Studios has decades of experience. From Star Wars-themed productions — to working on major nationwide commercials featuring Super Bowl-winning coaches — to winning the prestigious Cannes Awards — we represent Chicago’s finest master craftsmen. They live to shape dramatic lighting, to capture the perfect still or motion image, and to bend pixels through sophisticated animations.

We hope you enjoy our diverse behind-the-scenes gallery below featuring our master craftsmen.

Comprehensive Productions

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Passion for Cinema
Richter Studios receives my highest praise as industry visionaries.

“For more than a decade, I led marketing for the most successful brands in recreational boating. Many of my most ambitious — and fulfilling — projects in that span have been in collaboration with Richter Studios. Their passion for the craft and early adoption of technology mean they constantly push technical boundaries. Richter Studios receives my highest praise as industry visionaries, savvy business partners and fundamentally great people.”

Matt Guilford | Bayliner, Meridian Yachts & Sea Ray

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As Pioneers in the Golden Age of Digital Cinema®, we're a Chicago production company like no other. Our unique cinematic approach can make a dramatic impact on your next video or animation project. Contact us now to learn more!

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