Richter Studios Becomes 3-Time Winner At Cannes

Richter Studios Becomes 3-Time Winner At Cannes

For the second year in a row, the creative team at Richter Studios was recognized for film excellence in the beautiful city of Cannes, France. Known worldwide for its festivals, the 2017 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards presented the Chicago video production company with two separate Silver Dolphin Trophies. Less than one-fifth of the production companies invited actually won an award. Richter Studios is now a three-time winner at the prestigious event.

“Walking the ultimate red carpet in Cannes, France is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship at Richter Studios,” said Jeremy Richter, CEO of Richter Studios. “This event represents the elite film and video production companies in the world and having our creative team win two separate awards this year was really special.”

The BISC Lincoln Park and Richter Studios teams enjoy a remarkable sunset at the Gala Event in Cannes, France (from left: Erin Woodhams, Daniel Woodhams, Valerie Richter & Jeremy Richter).

This is the second year in a row that Richter Studios has won at Cannes for a production featuring the British International School of Chicago. Richter Studio also won a Silver Dolphin Trophy in 2016 for a film featuring BISC Lincoln Park in the Corporate Video category. The award in 2016 held a special distinction in that Richter Studios was the only American production firm to win in Cannes that year.

Richter Studios CEO Jeremy Richter and his wife Valerie on the red carpet in Cannes, France.

The winning production featuring BISC Lincoln Park was a series entry (multiple films) in the Social Media and Short Videos category. The production consisted of a three-part STEAM Do-It-Yourself series which featured Tom Collins, Head of STEAM at BISC Lincoln Park and several students from the school.

“It is great to see a piece of work focused on learning and STEAM education to be recognized with such a prestigious award,” said Principal Ed Pearce, “Our STEAM collaboration with MIT has opened doors and experiences to our students that will prepare them for a world of jobs yet to be invented. As a primary school focused program, we value the cross-curricular and hands-on learning demonstrated in these videos.”

As noted in the official press release via PR Newswire, Richter Studios and BISC Lincoln Park plan to work together again on another exciting project highlighting the Juilliard-Nord Anglia Performing Arts Programme.

Cannes Awards Founder Alexander V. Kammel (L) with Erin Woodhams (M) and Jeremy Richter (R).

Two of the BISC Lincoln Park STEAM stars from the “Robotic Hands” award-winning film.

In total, eight total kids from the school were featured in the three films. The production was shot over two days in Lincoln Park (a neighborhood in the heart of Chicago). All footage was captured with a Canon EOS C500 4K Cinema Camera. Below are thee three films that won the series entry for the BISC Lincoln Park production.

BISC Lincoln Park DIY STEAM Series “Pendulum Painting”

BISC Lincoln Park DIY STEAM Series “Makey Makey”

BISC Lincoln Park DIY STEAM Series “Robot Hand”

Richter Studio also won a Silver Dolphin Trophy in the Corporate Video category for a unique testimonial video it developed for SPR Consulting. The short film featured two onscreen interviewees which interacted with a hand-drawn robot which was drawn and animated by the Richter Studios creative team.

“We didn’t just create a standard corporate video for SPR Consulting,” said Richter. “We had a shared creative vision in that we both wanted this piece to be unique and exceptional. Having the custom hand drawn animation interact with the subject matter delivered not only a more visually engaging piece but also translated into some very powerful messaging. Richter Studios began as an animation studio over twenty years ago and to receive this award alongside some the world’s most celebrated brands is an incredible feeling.”

“In the era of digital transformation, technology is a means to delivering an elegant human experience,” said Rob Figliulo, CEO of SPR Consulting. “Richter Studios’ film illustrates a fascinating story of our work with one of our clients, showing the power of transformative technology that affects our everyday life.”

Richter Studios Accepting Silver Dolphin for SPR Consulting Film at the 2017 Cannes Awards

SPR Consulting – IDEX/iPek Animated Testimonial Film (Silver Dolphin Winner at Cannes Awards)

About Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards annually honors the world’s finest corporate films, online media and TV productions. The 8th Annual Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards received 917 entries from over 40 countries. Only 174 productions (18%) were selected as winners at the prestigious competition by a jury panel consisting of several Emmy and Oscar-winning filmmakers. This year’s event was hosted by British Actor Mark Dymond, who starred in the James Bond film “Die Another Day” featuring Pierce Brosnan.

Jeremy Richter (R) with Cannes Awards show host and “Die Another Day” star Mark Dymond.

“As the world’s greatest filmmakers and fans of great films know, the city of Cannes is an amazing destination for motion pictures,” Richter said. “To meet and celebrate with so many world-class production companies has been immensely gratifying. The body of work on showcase here is truly exceptional and I’m incredibly proud to see the creative team at Richter Studios recognized with such an amazing honor. My team’s dedication to creative excellence has landed us on the ultimate red carpet three separate times. Truly wonderful.”

Richter Studios CEO Jeremy Richter celebrates with his wife Valerie and friends at the Cannes Awards Welcome Party.

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards is celebrated over two days along the beautiful French Riviera in early autumn every year. The Welcome Party (Day 1) is hosted at the InterContinental Carlton Cannes Hotel and the Awards Gala Event (Day 2) is held at the Palm Beach Cannes. Founded by Filmservice International, it is the only festival for corporate films taking place in Cannes, the city famously known for feature films and advertising productions. Below is the official trailer for the 2017 festival.

Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards – 2017

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After managing the production of over 10,000 “films” in his career and seeing Richter Studios become a 3-time winner at the Cannes Awards, CEO Jeremy Richter enjoys a sunset view of the French Riviera.

About Richter Studios
Richter Studios is video production company based in Chicago’s gorgeous West Loop that has managed over 3,000 productions and created over 10,000 videos over the past two decades. Widely regarded as pioneers in digital cinema, the company develops a diverse range of branded video content for its clients, including TV commercials, corporate videos, explainer videos and animations.  The company has won over 50 international awards, including the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in 2016 and 2017; and the world-renowned German Design Award in 2018. Richter Studios has comprehensive experience filming up to 8K resolution and has coordinated many nationwide and global video productions for its clients, filming on location in over 45 states and 12 countries. To learn more about Richter Studios and its award-winning service offerings, please visit:

Below is an extensive series of behind-the-scenes photos from the events in Cannes, France. Some imagery featured was taken by Felipe Kolm | Warda Network.