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Resource Gems For Video Production Creatives

Having managed over 3,000 video productions over the past 20 years, the creative team at Richter Studios has amassed a unique “grab bag” of creative resources. These hard-to-find gems have helped shape and inspire so many of our projects. If you are a fan of outstanding typography, editing, animation, cinematography or sound….do we ever have some revealing discoveries in […]

Your Client, The Superstar!

As the market for promotional video content becomes increasingly saturated, everyone is looking for unique ways to have their messaging to stand out. However, the answer to your next great video marketing campaign may not be as elusive as you might imagine. In fact, it could involve someone you interact with nearly every day: Your […]

CEO Jeremy Richter On Advisor.TV

Richter Studios CEO Jeremy Richter recently sat down with show host Rachel Pollard from advisor.TV to chat about a range of topics, including how his company evolved from a boutique design shop into a renowned digital cinema studio. The video interview covers the origins of Richter Studios and how they occurred at a pivotal turning […]

Five Spectacular Video Myths

First, let me start this article by admitting that we’ve all been there. You know….that place where someone asks a question that we don’t really have a reliable answer for. Wanting to help in some way, we respond with information that may actually date back to 1967 or derive from an alternate universe. Your heart […]

The Emergence of Multi-Camera Shoots

It was only a matter of time. What was once a unique advantage for those who understood its potential, has now transformed into a very competitive playing field. With video ads making up 35% of online advertising budgets (source), marketers have duly noted the memo about the power of video to get results. However, with this […]


Early adoption of new technologies can be considered chic for consumers but, for professionals, early adoption can be a risky proposition.  Take Final Cut Pro X for example –many of those who blindly made the switch upon its debut later regretted their decision.  They found themselves back-peddling due to a lack of depth in the […]