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Video Production and the New Roaring 20’s

As 2020 and a promising new decade takes its first steps, it’s hard to avoid drawing parallels to the original “Roaring Twenties” from a century ago. Similar to the 1920’s, the economy is absolutely booming again. However, instead of automobiles, motion pictures and radio leading the charge, our modern day “Jazz Age” has launched a […]

Richter Studios Wins German Design Award

Building on its recent wins at the world-renowned 2016 and 2017 Cannes Awards, the creative team at Richter Studios was presented with the 2018 German Design Award in Frankfurt, Germany this past February.  The Chicago video production company was honored in the Audiovisual category for a promotional video it created for the British International School […]

A Merry Christmas Production

Every Christmas the award-winning team at Richter Studios has a chance to reflect on the year’s newest creative endeavors which have been added to the company’s video production portfolio. The digital cinema pioneer specializes in all sorts of branded video content, including aerial cinematography, animations, explainer videos, television commercials and testimonial videos. And in recent […]

A Video Production Universe Like No Other

As wheeled toy icon Radio Flyer celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, Chicago video production company Richter Studios is also proudly observing its 20th birthday. The two organizations, which have been creating innovative Radio Flyer product videos together for years, marked their milestones with a witty, sophisticated promo film launching Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder™ by Radio Flyer. […]