Richter Studios Presents “Capture  Those Smiles” Film

Richter Studios Presents “Capture Those Smiles” Film

As part of its 25th anniversary campaign, Richter Studios will be sharing a series of new short films celebrating the landmark milestone. In sync with the arrival of Spring, the first film has been released. Uniquely, it only includes footage that features smiles. Appropriately, the film is titled “Capture Those Smiles”.

Richter Studios – “Capture Those Smiles”

“Isn’t it wonderful to finally see people smile again?” posed Jeremy Richter, CEO of Richter Studios. “Having shot and edited over 12,000 films in our company’s storied history, we’ve captured many heartfelt expressions. Our goal with this film was to share some of those wonderful moments. There’s no greater testament to a brand than the smile it inspires.”

Among many others, the demo reel features productions involving iconic brands such as Haworth, Harris, Life Fitness, Radio Flyer and Star Wars.  As of March 2022, Richter Studios has managed productions featuring over 300 separate brands.

Below is just small sample of the many behind-the-scenes pictures featuring smiles during Richter Studios shoots over the years.


About Richter Studios
Headquartered in Chicago’s beautiful North Shore, Richter Studios is a video production company that has managed nearly 4,500 comprehensive productions, casted over 5,000 onscreen talent and created over 12,000 “films” over the past 24 years. Widely regarded as pioneers in digital cinema, the company develops a diverse range of branded video content for its clients, including TV commercials, corporate videos, explainer videos, web videos and animations. The company has won over 75 international awards, including five separate times at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in southern France; in Normandy at the Deauville Green Awards and the world-renowned German Design Award in 2018. Richter Studios has comprehensive experience filming up to 8K resolution and has coordinated many nationwide and global video productions for its clients, filming on location in over 48 states and 12 countries. To learn more about Richter Studios and its award-winning service offerings, please visit: