Live Streaming Video Production for a Changing World

Live Streaming Video Production for a Changing World

Given the recent events involving the Coronavirus (COVID-19), your next video production may require a very different approach. Traditionally, exchanging ideas and thought capital were mostly done in-person at special events, conferences and trade shows. Due to the restrictions being imposed on large or even mid-size gatherings in early 2020, live streaming video productions or video shoots with a minimal footprint are emerging as alternative ways to capture and share information.

As a response to the explosion of demand for both live streaming video and filming with a smaller production footprint, Chicago video production company Richter Studios has developed several approaches grounded in best practices.

For streaming video, their are essentially three ways this can be done. The first is a true live broadcast of your content. In this scenario, the video content is being captured and edited in real-time as it happens. This kind of set-up requires that you have an account with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and dedicated bandwidth of at least 6 Mbps upload speeds.

Live Streaming Video Production Format Example (Reality Check – Internet Purge)

The second way is a hybrid approach, where portions of your content were created prior to the broadcast (also known as canned content); and the remaining portions are recorded and streamed in real-time. An example of this kind of scenario would be if you shared a pre-made product launch video and then held a live Q&A session. The third way is strictly canned content that is streamed “live” at a predetermined time. To the viewer, it can appear as a live broadcast but the content is filmed and edited in advance.

In times like these where large gatherings are not recommended, the key is to staff a small crew with a minimal production footprint. There are a couple ways this can be achieved. The first consideration would be to rotate critical team members on an as-needed basis. An alternative way would be to set up private streaming portal where key stakeholders review the shoot as it occurs. They can do this from anywhere, be that at home or at work. Outside of broadcast commercial or feature film work, these two approaches can reduce the production footprint to five or less people on-set.

Example of a private streaming video review session by client during a commercial shoot.

Best practices would suggest that most live streaming video productions should be captured in a soundproof studio. Where this is impractical, look to capture content in office spaces that see minimal foot traffic and disturbances. Recommendations would be private conference rooms or discreet meeting areas.

Richter Studios has conducted thousands of video shoots, casting calls and live streaming video events at their Chicago production studio.

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