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Silver Dolphin Winner at the 2017 Cannes Awards

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“We hustle, and we’ve been hustling since 1973, when we first opened,” says SPR Consulting. It’s a way of working — and thinking — we share. SPR is a digital transformation agency that specializes in enterprise technology, user experience design, and using data insights to drive decision making. For a 2D animation production telling the story of how they scored an important contract, SPR approached Richter Studios — and our history and hustle won us the project. Result: a Silver Dolphin Cannes winner.


Pipeline to problem-solving. IPEC Industries, a wastewater equipment designer and manager, needed a better solution for moving and managing data taken from its sewer cameras. And SPR needed a compelling testimonial video to trace how it won the work. Richter to the rescue.

First, we traveled to an out-of-state conference to efficiently capture interview footage in a one-day shoot. Then we used live action compositing to enliven the testimonials, following the speakers’ narrative with energetic and sometimes humorous animations. This 2D animation production — one of our favorite projects ever — was a 2017 Cannes winner.

Richter Studios’ film illustrates a fascinating story of our work

“In the era of digital transformation, technology is a means to delivering an elegant human experience. Richter Studios’ film illustrates a fascinating story of our work with one of our clients, showing the power of transformative technology that affects our everyday life.”

Rob Figliulo | SPR Consulting

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