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It’s the power of personal experience. Stories shared by individuals often carry more weight than generic marketing claims. I-REMOVE, the #1 weight-loss aid in Europe, is now available in the US. In clinical studies, I-REMOVE has been shown to help users lose three times as much weight as dieting alone. I-REMOVE understands the value of positive customer feedback. And, for this series of weight loss testimonial videos, they knew they had everything to gain from leveraging our expertise in product videos.


Documenting the journey. We took a creative chronological approach to this collection of weight loss testimonial videos. Instead of showing one snapshot in time, we followed I-REMOVE customers over a period of 12 weeks to capture their physical — and emotional — transformations.

These product videos mix impeccably lighted and shot interview sessions with still photography to give viewers a close-up view of interviewees’ total lifestyle changes. Here, customer Clarissa shares the milestones along her journey — and explains why, with I-REMOVE’s help, she’s “never going back.”

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A perfect fit. In this website video production, happy customer Brandie discusses how I-REMOVE slips seamlessly into her lifestyle.

Redefining success. In the last of this series of weight loss testimonial videos, customer Renee explains how her first 12 weeks with I-REMOVE changed not just her body, but also her thinking about the meaning of success. “It’s not just a number on the scale,” she says.

We just received our first cut of a new testimonial video and my team and I are speechless!

“They are extremely professional and made working with them a breeze. We just received our first cut of a new testimonial video and my team and I are speechless! This video has nothing we need to fix, which is a first for our company. We are used to having to complete many cuts due to the sensitivity of information we work with. But, Richter Studios picked up on these nuances. Thank you to their team for being so great to work with."

Sierra Thurston | I-REMOVE | InQpharm LLC

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