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Prepare to be amazed. Known for its undetectable coverage that can outlast even the longest days on set, AMAZINGCONCEALER® rapidly achieved cult status among pro makeup artists and their celeb clients. It’s still the go-to concealer across film and television and a staple in any pro makeup artist’s tool kit. Amazing Cosmetics creates a range of award-winning concealers, primers, and foundations with high-quality and skin-nourishing ingredients. For this series of video tutorials — as gorgeous as any of their satisfied customers — they came to our experienced instructional video production company.


Masters of light. There’s no shortage of online cosmetic video tutorials. What sets our work apart in this arena? Painstaking attention to finding the perfect lighting.

Every Richter Studios video is lit beautifully in a style appropriate to its subject matter. For this product videography, our gaffers went for glamor with diva lighting that eliminates facial shadows and creates soft, low-key reflections in our models’ eyes. The result: imagery as smoothly perfect as their customers’ skin.

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Primed for success. This demo video production showcases the benefits of our client’s anti-aging primer.

Finally: help for fine lines. In this training video content, viewers discover a long-lasting solution for fine lines and wrinkles.

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Tips and tricks. Our client’s concealer product can be used in multiple ways. Here’s a website video production demonstrating how it can erase undereye circles and spots.

Pursuit of perfection. Last in the series of video tutorials, this Perfection Sticks product instruction video makes concealing, contouring, and highlighting easy.

They demonstrate a tireless commitment to understanding the essence of our business.

“The professionals at Richter Studios are technical wizards and storytelling masters who have worked collaboratively with our team for more than a decade to infuse our brand with humanity and visual panache. They demonstrate a tireless commitment to understanding the essence of our business and articulating messages that underscore the emotional and technical value of our services.”

Craig Atkinson | The Walsh Group

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