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Video Production | Brand Film | Commercial

Over the course of six days — from sunrise to sunset — our boating video production cameras were rolling to capture the brand credited with putting more families on the water than any other recreational boat manufacturer.

Brand Film | Recreational Boating Industry

The goal of this brand film was to provide audiences with a glimpse of the carefree lifestyle that’s possible when you own a Bayliner.

This boating video production was shot entirely on RED. As we are today, our film crews were at the forefront of technology in 2011, enabling us to capture stunning slow motion imagery at 4K for added drama and emotion. A variety of camera setups were used including handheld rigs, a photo boat mounted gyro-stabilized platform, and a waterproof camera housing to capture the excitement from water-level. Exceptional cinematography, editing, color grading, and music all came together to produce this engaging film worthy of representing the Bayliner brand.

As part of this groundbreaking video production effort, Richter Studios produced over a dozen videos for Bayliner including this brand film, multiple commercials, and model-specific spots.

Creative Services: 

  • Producing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting & Grip
  • Editing
  • Animation
  • Color Grading
  • Music Sourcing
  • Sound Design

Filming Days

Subject Boats

Cast Members

Photo Boats


“So Worth It!”
(60 Second Spot)

The mission we were tasked with for this boating video production was to create a commercial that inspires audiences to go boating and to offer a glimpse into why owning a Bayliner is “So Worth It!”

A lot goes into making a boating video production of this size and complexity.  It takes favorable weather. A passionate client. A dedicated film crew. Experienced boat captains. A large cast of talent. And it takes great communication. Most importantly, it takes a lot of laughs, positive energy, and fun!

Behind The Scenes | Boating Video Production

Take a sneak peek at our film crew in action.

Richter Studios receives my highest praise as industry visionaries.

“For over a decade, I led marketing for the most successful brands in recreational boating. Many of my most ambitious — and fulfilling — boating video productions I have been in collaboration with Richter Studios. Their passion for the craft and early adoption of technology mean they constantly push creative boundaries. Richter Studios receives my highest praise as industry visionaries, savvy business partners, and fundamentally great people.”

Matt Guilford | Bayliner, Meridian Yachts & Sea Ray

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