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Weiman products keep your house and car looking their best. We do the same for Weiman. This top specialty surface cleaning manufacturer is known for its high-quality products for stainless steel, granite and stone, glass cooktops, leather, wood furniture, hardwood and stone floors, metal and jewelry, and more. When Weiman recruited Richter Studios for our ecommerce video expertise, we created product videos as beautifully polished as a Weiman customer household.


Shine on. In just one day and one location — a gorgeous suburban Chicago house — our web video company shot a full series of product videos showcasing a range of Weiman products.

This ecommerce video demonstrates how upgrading to Weiman glass cooktop cleaner removes baked-on stains from glass cooktops…with impressive results.


“Granite & Stone Cleaner & Polish”
(:30 Spot)


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Take this for granite. Our promotional video company made this spot for Weiman granite and stone cleaner glow.

Floor show. In this ecommerce video, Richter Studios showed how Weiman stone and tile cleaner is a step ahead of the competition.

Top condition. Weiman makes the #1 leather conditioner in the US. This smooth commercial video production shows why.

Leather you won’t want to hide. Weiman leather conditioner also comes in wipes. Here’s a web video production that demonstrates how easy they are to use.

Short and effective. Our series of product videos for Weiman included this preroll spot — a great way to stretch your advertising budget.

When working with Richter Studios, I know that we're going to get a great end result.

“I've come to Richter Studios with a brief and an idea and they've taken it to the finish line. They know how to make videos look great, so I've trusted their expertise on everything from talent, to locations, to shot selection. When working with Richter Studios, I know that we're going to get a great end result. I couldn't ask for more, I love working with Richter Studios."

Zach Bowers | Digital Marketing Manager | Weiman Products, LLC.

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