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Some 45 nautical miles off the coast of South Beach, Florida, you’ll find the turquoise blue waters of Bimini, Bahamas. It was the ideal setting to stage an epic yacht video production for the luxury line of Meridian Yachts.


Our creative goal for Meridian Yachts was ambitious — to create a series of brand videos the likes of which the luxury yacht industry had never before seen.

This yacht video production was shot almost entirely on RED. A groundbreaking achievement in 2010, our film crew captured stunning slow motion imagery at 4K resolution for added drama and emotion. A variety of camera setups were used including handheld rigs, a photo boat mounted gyro-stabilized platform, and a waterproof camera housing to capture the excitement at, and below, water-level. Thanks to some extraordinary helicopter piloting skills, our cameras also captured the action from some amazing aerial perspectives. Exceptional cinematography, aerial cinematography, underwater cinematography, editing, color grading, and music all came together to produce these breathtaking films for Meridian Yachts.

As part of this groundbreaking effort, our Chicago production company produced a series of videos, including this brand film which featured the entire lineup of luxury models produced by Meridian Yachts.

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Pelican Cases

Daredevil Helicopter Pilot

Peak Swells in Feet

A luxurious yacht. Turquoise blue waters. A catchy tune. These are just some of the ways that our video production agency made this luxury yacht video production a memorable viewing experience.

A gorgeous sunrise. A groundbreaking 4K camera.  Exceptional color grading. These are some of the ingredients that make this 391 Brand Film unique in the luxury yacht industry.

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The 441 Sedan was the workhorse of the fleet.  It was not only featured in this brand film, but it also served as the preferred photo boat during our yacht video production. Our film crew came to appreciate the seaworthiness of this extraordinary vessel as we traversed rough seas back home from the island of Bimini.

Surprising agility. Horsepower to spare. And a daredevil helicopter pilot. Taken together to produce this branded film, they demonstrate why the 541 Sedan was the flagship of this luxury yacht video production.

Richter Studios receives my highest praise as industry visionaries.

“For more than a decade, I led marketing for the most successful brands in recreational boating. Many of my most ambitious projects — including aerial cinematography — in that span have been in collaboration with Richter Studios. Their passion for the craft means they constantly push technical boundaries. Richter Studios receives my highest praise as industry visionaries, savvy business partners and fundamentally great people.”

Matt Guilford | Bayliner, Meridian Yachts & Sea Ray

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