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Imagine spending quality time with a friend…a friend with over 10,000 skeins of yarn! That’s the brand promise of Wool & Co.’s flagship retail store in South Elgin, IL. They not only want their customers to explore and purchase their high quality selection of yarns, but to enjoy the atmosphere, take their time, and knit to to their heart’s content. With a focus on customer service, education and community, the store offers complimentary services which include workshops, assistance with projects, and more. Through its collaboration with our team, the goal was to develop a branded video production to feature on their website that showcased the beauty, depth and awe of their retail environment.


As one of the core goals was to inspire customers from across the nation to make the journey and experience the store for themselves, great care and planning went into this video production. Critically, we wanted to infuse humanity into the store, provide a glimpse of its scale, and convey how inviting the environment is. Unlike other high-end retail videos, we wanted the Wool & Co. film to feature the store being experienced by customers and the joy that knitting brings to them. To achieve the rich, dream-like world we were after, an extensive lighting approach was devised. Additionally, great care was given by our production designers to the placement of yarns in each shot to show the range and quality of its vast offerings. Several hours were spent each day meticulously arranging how they were organized and portrayed.

All imagery was captured over three separate days of filming with a Panasonic VariCam LT. Additionally, cinema-grade lenses were utilized to capture the maximum visual depth possible.

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