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Call on Richter Studios and get corporate case study videos that deliver. Call One is a next-generation communications technology company that provides custom communications solutions to help companies serve customers, collaborate, and stay connected. Just as Call One prides itself on tailoring its services to unique customer needs, our corporate video production company is focused on highlighting the one-of-a-kind capabilities of our clients.


This high-energy web video production tells the Call One story through vibrant imagery and employees’ own words.

Richter Studios brought our expertise in corporate case study videos to create a compelling story. We used a single camera to shoot interviews with Call One representatives in 4K. Then we added B-roll that captures the drive and dynamism Call One brings to formulating communications solutions that meet each client’s unique expectations.

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When you know what’s at steak…and at stake…you choose Richter Studios for your promotional video company. Shot in 4K, this testimonial video highlights how Call One solved business communications for restaurant giant Gibsons.

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Take it to the bank. This video makes a case for the value Call One brought to Chicago’s Republic Bank…and the effectiveness of our video testimonial service.

What could have been a static, mundane testimonial transformed into a delightful and engaging film.

“Thanks, Richter Studios, for the best SPR video yet! From the start of the project, the team showed an acute interest in our objective for the film and the story we had hoped to tell. They skillfully prompted our interviewees and captured all of the important details. I loved their ability to take creative ideas, build upon them, and make them come to life. What could have been a static, mundane testimonial transformed into a delightful and engaging film. We're thrilled with the result.”

Rebecca Butman | SPR Consulting

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