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Imagine enjoying your favorite cup of coffee. The wonderful smell of the perfect brew coupled with a peaceful moment are something we all cherish. Now imagine millions of polygons being created and rendered to explain the process for how coffee beans are made at your favorite barista. Through a unique 3D product animation, our creative team developed a detailed overview of the BURNS 270R Industrial Coffee Roaster that took viewers on a memorable visual journey.


Manipulating millions of polygons is no easy ask. But in order to bring the inner workings of the BURNS 270R Roaster to life, that’s exactly what our motion graphics studio did. Through a combination of AutoCad, After Effects and other 3D applications, over 4,000 high-resolution frames were developed. The raw computing power required to render the frames was so vast that we had to partner with dedicated render farm, where over 50 supercomputers were utilized to crank out the incredible finished film.

They were able to grasp our technology, and put forth an excellent final product. A+ Work!

“I was looking for an Animation Company to produce an Animated Explainer Video for Marketing, and to use as a Sales tool for my Team. I wanted to depict the operation of our system versus the competitions systems, and show the differences. The video I received was better than expected! The Richter Studios Team was very easy and collaborative to work with. They were able to grasp our technology, and put forth an excellent final product. A+ Work!”

David Wick | Sales & Marketing Manager | Scientific Dust Collectors

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