Introducing “HI-FIVE” Drone Aerials

Introducing “HI-FIVE” Drone Aerials

In response to the growing demand for responsible drone aerial cinematography and photography services, the award-winning creative team at Richter Studios is proud to announce the addition of a new production platform called “HI-FIVE”.

Developed with safety and simplicity in mind, HI-FIVE represents the company’s firm commitment to providing clients from across the United States with a responsible means by which to capture stunning aerial imagery through the use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), more commonly known as drones.

“We’re excited to roll-out our new HI-FIVE aerial services which are designed to provide clients a simple and responsible means by which to capture compelling aerial imagery” stated Jeremy Richter, CEO of Richter Studios. “We believe that an aerial perspective offers tremendous creative potential in storytelling. What’s been lacking is an easy-to-understand service offering that’s designed to alleviate the inherent legal and safety concerns surrounding the use of drones.”

HI-FIVE is comprised of 5 core principles: FAA Approval, Certified Pilots, Communication, Documentation and Insurance. Together, these core principles set the foundation for maintaining a standard of excellence that Richter Studios has become known for over the past two decades.

FAA Approval: In order to fly drones commercially, an entity must first apply for and be granted a Section 333 Exemption from the FAA. Richter Studios retained the services of Antonelli Law to assist in securing FAA approval and was granted its Section 333 Exemption on August 11th, 2015.

Certified Pilots: Obtaining a Section 333 Exemption alone is not enough to legally fly drones for commercial purposes. Under current law, sUAS platforms can only be operated by FAA-certified pilots. To meet this requirement, Richter Studios has secured relationships with over a dozen licensed pilots who also possess the necessary sUAS training and experience.

Communication: As required by law, Richter Studios notifies local FAA authorities in advance of any planned commercial drone operations. This Notice to Airman (NOTAM) is submitted through a local NOTAM issuing authority or the NOTAM Flight Service Station 24 to 72 hours prior to scheduled sUAS flight operations.

Documentation: Operating drones responsibly requires meticulous record-keeping in the form of flight logs and equipment maintenance logs. As required, Richter Studios maintains up-to-date logs which are reported to the FAA on a regular basis.

Insurance: From a simple one-camera interview captured at a studio to more complex, multi-camera shoots captured on-location, every production poses a certain level of risk. This is equally true when capturing aerial cinematography or photography. Despite following established procedures that are designed to minimize risk, it is critical – both for Richter Studios’ film crews and for the clients we represent – to carry appropriate levels insurance coverage.

“Our HI-FIVE approach to aerial cinematography and photography is intended to give clients peace of mind knowing that we’re committed to flying drones safely and responsibly – it’s what differentiates Richter Studios from bargain alternatives in the marketplace”, says Executive Producer, Ed Grozich.

Drone platforms provide a unique capability to cost-effectively capture still and motion imagery from breathtaking aerial perspectives. As with any great creative tool, if employed correctly, they hold dramatic potential for filmmakers to tell more compelling stories. Currently, Richter Studios is equipped with multiple DJI Inspire 1 drones which are capable of capturing 4K resolution footage at 60 frames per second and 12 megapixel still photos.

“Since our inception nearly two decades ago, we’ve been committed to adopting new technologies that offer compelling and creative storytelling possibilities”, says Jeremy Richter, “Our adoption of drone platforms and our new HI-FIVE offering is just the latest example of our commitment to telling great stories on behalf of our clients.”

To learn more, including info about pricing, please contact:

Eric Schmidt, VP of Client Relations
[email protected]