Drone Aerials Take Center Stage

Drone Aerials Take Center Stage

Increasingly, the creative team at Richter Studios is seeing demand for drone aerials. This exciting new field of cinematography has opened the door for more visually compelling storytelling. Drone aerials offer a fresh perspective not often seen in today’s video productions.

Richter Studios – which has received a Section 333 Exemption from the FAA – has seen a rising demand for the use of aerial drones. While the approach to drone cinematography is different than traditional video productions (presently, the FAA requires a licensed pilot to fly the drone as well as a visual observer who maintains a line of sight during flight operations), the effects of this new form of cinematography have made a clear and dramatic impact.

“Adding drone cinematography to our production offerings has proven to be a good decision,” said CEO Jeremy Richter. “As a result, the aerial perspectives we have been able to capture for our clients have translated into better overall storytelling. This is an exciting time and we look forward to seeing how the space evolves.”

Recently, Richter Studios filmed the installation of wind turbines for Goldwind Americas in Findlay, Ohio. The finished film can be viewed below:

Goldwind Americas – Wind Turbine Installation Film

“Capturing high quality, up-close visuals can be a difficult task,” explained David Halligan, CEO at Goldwind Americas. “Since working with the team at Richter Studios, we’ve been able to employ state-of-the-art drone cinematography to fully capture the size, scale and, beauty of our turbines. From obtaining the necessary licenses to executing an on-site shoot, to final post production, Richter Studios provides an outstanding marketing product.”

In addition to the wind turbine production for Goldwind Americas, Richter Studios also performed drone aerials for Harris Boats and Cypress Cay Pontoons. The finished films can be viewed below:

Harris Boats – 2016 Brand Film

Cypress Cay – 2016 Brand Film

These productions were pursued in accordance with the company’s HI-FIVE Aerial Services Platform. Developed with safety and simplicity in mind, HI-FIVE represents Richter Studios’ firm commitment to providing clients across the United States with a responsible means by which to capture stunning aerial imagery through the use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), more commonly known as drones.

HI-FIVE is comprised of 5 core principles: FAA Approval, Certified Pilots, Communication, Documentation and Insurance. Together, these core principles set the foundation for maintaining a standard of excellence that Richter Studios has become known for over the past two decades.