Richter Studios Wins Two Awards From Cannes

Richter Studios Wins Two Awards From Cannes

Richter Studios was recently notified that is has pulled off a rare but wonderful sequel in the production world. Building on the previous award it won at Cannes in 2016, the Chicago video production company was informed it won again – this time for two separate film efforts. Out of 917 entries from around the world, only 174 were announced winners for the 2017 Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. Richter Studios is now a 3-time winner at the famed event in Cannes, France.

“Winning two more awards from the city that is internationally known for film excellence is quite an achievement,” said Jeremy Richter, CEO of Richter Studios. “The creativity and craftsmanship of the Richter Studios team has attracted global attention from the folks in Cannes. Only 18% of those invited will walk away with an award, and amazingly we won two. To achieve this in the same year as our twentieth anniversary is extra special.”

The two productions that won were a series entry for British International School of Chicago, Lincoln Park (BISC Lincoln Park) and a single entry for SPR Consulting. The BISC Lincoln Park production included three separate short films promoting the school’s STEAM curriculum and it won in the “Social Media & Short Videos” category. The SPR Consulting production won for a single film in the “Corporate Video” category. Which version of the Cannes Dolphin Trophy (Silver or Gold) that will be awarded for both productions will not be revealed until it is presented to Richter Studios on September 29th in Cannes, France.

Richter Studios will be attending the Award Gala in Cannes, France this September.

“I am thrilled to have joined an institution where creativity and quality are paramount,” said newly appointed Principal of BISC Lincoln Park, Ed Pearce. “The school’s second film project with Richter Studios is an excellent example of this and shows that they are a business of equal standards. The work our marketing and communications team has done with Jeremy and his team is exceptional, and could only be achieved by a group with outstanding skills. The DIY STEAM series and the win at Cannes is a mark of huge success and I look forward to our next project with Richter Studios.”

Below are thee three films that won the series entry for the BISC Lincoln Park production.

BISC Lincoln Park DIY STEAM Series “Pendulum Painting”

BISC Lincoln Park DIY STEAM Series “Makey Makey”

BISC Lincoln Park DIY STEAM Series “Robot Hand”

Richter Studios Production Team for BISC Films:
Executive Producer: Jeremy Richter
Director: Luke Sheldon
DP: Joe Martinez, Jr.
Creative Director: Jessica Batson
Camera Assistant: Miles Kerr
Editing: Luke Sheldon
Graphics: Patrick Cheng

The award-winning films featured students and faculty, and were shot over two days in Lincoln Park (a neighborhood in the heart of Chicago). All footage was captured with a Canon EOS C500 4K Cinema Camera. All three films featured Tom Collins, who is the Science and STEAM Leader at the school.

Tom Collins (L), STEAM Leader at BISC Lincoln Park along with the Richter Studios team

Separately, Richter Studios also won an award for a unique testimonial film it created for SPR Consulting. The film features custom hand-drawn animation that interacts with the two interviewees featured in the film. The interview portion was captured by the Richter Studios crew in Scottsdale, Arizona with a Canon EOS C500 4K Cinema Camera and Canon Cine Primes.

“Our team has been so excited to see this film win the Cannes Award,” said Rebecca Butman, Director of Marketing at SPR Consulting. “This was a unique creative effort that helped showcase SPR as an organization that solves real business challenges using today’s technology. It was a wonderful creative collaboration and Richter Studios had the sophisticated skill set needed to make some great ideas come to life. They succeeded at making it a delightful and engaging film.”

Below is the film that won the series entry for the SPR Consulting production.

SPR Consulting – IDEX/iPek Animated Testimonial Film

Richter Studios Production Team for SPR Consulting Film:
Executive Producer: Jeremy Richter
Eric Schmidt: Senior Producer
Director: Jessica Batson
DP: Joe Martinez, Jr.
Gaffer: Miles Kerr
Editing: Luke Sheldon
Graphics: Patrick Cheng

“I am so proud of the dedication and talent of our creative team at Richter Studios,” Richter said. “We have won over 50 creative awards throughout the years but getting the nod from Cannes three separate times means we have reached the top of the production mountain. I always remind my team to try one new creative treatment with every project and it’s a strategy that has paid off immensely over time. We are now seen as leaders in Chicago and worldwide for still and motion imagery. Accepting both awards on behalf of my creative team in Cannes, France will be a great honor.”

About Richter Studios
2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Richter Studios. The company has managed over 3,000 productions, 10,000+ videos and has won over 50 international awards, including the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in Cannes, France in 2016 and 2017. Widely regarded as pioneers in digital cinema, Richter Studios first opened its doors for business in June of 1997 when it created one of the industry’s first-ever desktop videos to play full screen (1024×768 resolution) on a laptop for the McClier Corporation. The company now has extensive experience filming up to 8K resolution and creates a range of video content for it clients, including commercials, brand films, explainer videos, corporate videos, testimonial videos and animations.  Richter Studios is also approved to legally fly drones for commercial use and has coordinated extensive nationwide and global video productions for its clients, filming on location in over 45 states and 12 countries.