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Video Production

New Office Depot Spot Features Clever Wordplay

Richter Studios recently shot and edited a commercial for Office Depot that plays on a clever word reference for the exclusive Highmark Brand of products featured in their stores. The commercial features a memorable lead character named “Mark” (portrayed by Scott Sawa from Karen Stavins Enterprises) who unknowingly champions Highmark products throughout an office setting. Richter Studios […]

The Voices Powering Richter Studios

During the latter half of the 1960’s, David Richter Sr. began capturing silent 8MM films of his family. It was a passion which translated into hundreds of creative treasures. His son, Jeremy Richter, has continued that tradition through Richter Studios and the vibrant Chicago video production scene for the past twenty years. One of the main differences between these two […]

Capturing The Imagination Of Two American Icons

When two American icons came together to create the Tesla Model S for Kids by Radio Flyer, Chicago video production company Richter Studios was there to tell this unique story with an upbeat video that instantly went viral. Since its founding in 1917, Radio Flyer has given wheels to kids’ imagination through its constantly evolving […]

Richter Studios Wins Cannes Festival Award

This fall, Richter Studios will be part of the Cannes Corporate Media and TV Festival. The company has been notified it has won either the prestigious Gold, Silver or the Grand Prix Award and will find out which one when it is announced on October 13th at the Awards Gala in Cannes, France. The winning […]

Breathtaking Dance, Music & Film = FANTASMAGORIE

If you are looking to experience a truly fantastic summer performance, be sure to check out FANTASMAGORIE, a Chicago-based performance at Humboldt Park that will be taking place on Friday and Saturday evenings from July 22nd – August 6th.  The event is being produced by the Curmudgeon Group, with Richter Studios providing the film sequence backdrop. […]