New Office Depot Spot Features Clever Wordplay

New Office Depot Spot Features Clever Wordplay

Richter Studios recently shot and edited a commercial for Office Depot that plays on a clever word reference for the exclusive Highmark Brand of products featured in their stores. The commercial features a memorable lead character named “Mark” (portrayed by Scott Sawa from Karen Stavins Enterprises) who unknowingly champions Highmark products throughout an office setting. Richter Studios was selected by the agency of record, Gerard, to produce the spot.

All footage was captured at 4K with a Canon EOS C500 over a single day at a downtown Chicago office location.

Office Depot – Highmark Commercial

“Gerard came up with some great creative for this spot and the lead talent really nailed it,” stated CEO Jeremy Richter. “Always a great time working with Gerard. Super fun group to work with and their creative always hits the mark.”

This effort joins an impressive list of professional services video productions championed by Richter Studios, including two previous spots for Office Depot (“Before You Know It” and “Interior Design”). The company has broad video production experience developing commercials and corporate videos for the professional service industries. Included in its portfolio are productions for ShopperTrak, Semantify and Oliver Wight.

Below are some behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot.

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