“Aerial Revolution” Commercial

“Aerial Revolution” Commercial

As demand grows for photo and video perspectives that involve Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – commonly known as drones – Richter Studios is proud to release the first of two commercials celebrating its entry into this innovative new field.

The first commercial, titled “Aerial Revolution,” is a light-hearted spot that gently nudges viewers about the creative possibilities with this new technology. Featured in the commercial are Danielle Gharst and Holly Bittinger, who have both represented Richter Studios in a variety of videos, photography and brand campaigns. The spot finishes with a summary of important considerations when flying drones for commercial purposes.

Richter Studios – “Aerial Revolution”

A second commercial titled “Embrace The Skies” will be released in November 2015. A Behind-The-Scenes gallery from the production of these commercials can be seen below.