Richter Studios LOVES Chicago’s Summer Festivals

Richter Studios LOVES Chicago’s Summer Festivals

How much does the team at Richter Studios love Chicago’s Summer Festival scene? With the 2014 version just around the corner, it’s hard to easily quantify into words. Being cooped up for one of the harshest winters on record has us revved up for a great summer.

Having our studio headquarters in the Windy City does have its advantages. Did you know that Chicago has over 400 neighborhood festivals each year? Hard to believe but it’s true and a majority take place during the summer. For a full list of all the festivals going on, check out what the city of Chicago has listed on its website here.

My favorite summer festival – one that kicks off the summer craze – is Maifest ( It’s an authentic German festival that takes place at Lincoln Square (4700 N. Lincoln Avenue) over a four day period. This 15th annual German festival features German foods, lots of live music, a maypole dance and other traditional German presentations

photo courtesy of Jeff DeNapoli

The event helps support the DANK Haus German American Cultural Center. As the name Richter is German in origin and means “the judge”, there’s a good chance you may spot myself and several other Richter employees attending the festivities.

Let the awesome Chicago summer festival season begin! Bis bald und….PROST!!!