Richter Studios Launches New Online Experience

Richter Studios Launches New Online Experience

Richter Studios, a pioneer in the golden age of digital cinema and photography, is proud to announce the launch of its new company website at

The new site has many unique features, including a robust video and photography portfolio, a step-by-step video process section and an interactive blog which will include weekly articles written by the Richter Team and guest contributors. Additionally, the site features over 100 videos and 1,000 still images captured by the Richter Team over the past 15 years.

“We are incredibly proud to launch our new online destination,” stated CEO Jeremy Richter. “Having led the charge for over 2,000 video productions and hundreds of photo shoots, we have established ourselves as a leader in the creative industry. We are excited to see our presence grow and expanding even further.”

Richter Studios has a seasoned executive team in place with extensive experience in digital cinema, video production, traditional broadcast, medium format photography and animation. More information about the Richter Team of master craftsmen can be found at

To date, the company’s in-house crews have filmed on location in over 40 states and 12 countries. The company also has significant experience with the RED, Phantom, Canon and Hasselblad cameras. Additionally, the company has won over 50 international creative awards.

Richter Studios has worked with a wide range of business leaders, entrepreneurs, political figures and celebrities, including megastars Ludacris, Bill Kurtis, Arnold Palmer, Ewa Laurance, Matt Grevers, James A. Lovell, Greeley Wells, Hollie Ugalde, Ron Paul and Ben Swann.

The origins of Richter Studios began in early 1997 with the emergence of Firewire and broadband connectivity. Under the guidance of CEO Grant McCullagh at the McClier Corporation (now Chairman & CEO of LTC), Mr. Richter pioneered some of the first full-screen digital videos in the industry. Over the next several years, Mr. Richter worked with Mr. McCullagh to create over 100 videos for the AECOM family of companies. In 2003, Richter Studios was officially formed.

Richter Studios has its main headquarters in Chicago, IL.