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Rack ’em up. Brunswick is the best-recognized name in billiards. For 170 years, this global brand has been known for its extraordinary quality and craftsmanship. When Brunswick wanted to tell its uniquely American sports story through a set of billiards videos, it cued up our documentary production company.


Enduring the test of time. Brunswick is one of a handful of companies its age whose NYSE ticker symbol has never changed. It’s weathered competition, made canny mergers, endured wars and economic downturns, and expanded operations across the globe…always maintaining its status as the first name in billiards.

The mellifluously voiced television journalist, producer, and news anchor Bill Kurtis serves as narrator for these billiards videos, all filmed in the same luxe Chicago residence. Swedish-American pro pool player Ewa Laurance — “The Striking Viking” — makes several appearances to run the table. We used a visually engaging combination of live action and historical photos and illustrations, some photo animated, in this three-part documentation of the Brunswick legacy.


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Popularizing pool. This branded video content details how Brunswick tirelessly boosted, marketed, and standardized the game, which remains almost identical today.
Brunswick + Bensinger = billiards. The last in our series of billiards videos tells the standout story of how one family created and managed Brunswick for its 121 years — and set the standard for how the company is run today.
You and the crew were very professional, perfectly ready to shoot when I got there.

“We get paid for that shoot? From the looks of the production pictures, we were having too much fun. Evidence of men enjoying themselves. It was great fun. Thank you. You and the crew were very professional, perfectly ready to shoot when I got there. Great lighting. I hope I lived up to your standards.”

Bill Kurtis | Kurtis Productions

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