Brunswick Billiards History Films

Brunswick Billiards History Films

After 170 years, the proud team at Brunswick Billiards decided to have its story told through a collection of short films. Legendary host Bill Kurtis served as the host and was joined by world-renowned billiards champion Ewa Mataya Laurance, aka “The Striking Viking”.

The first film, “A Family Business”, focused on how the company’s founder, John Moses Brunswick immigrated to America and found his calling after seeing a luxury billiards table. The film also explains how Brunswick grew exponentially, making its mark across America and internationally.

Brunswick Billiards – A Family Business

The second film, “Creating An American Pastime”, explores how Brunswick became a household name. The company began to focus on setting standards for competition and establishing the rules for billiards. These efforts lead to the game itself becoming a favorite American pastime.

Brunswick Billiards – Creating An American Pastime The final film, “The Legacy Of Brunswick”, covers the DNA which fueled the company to maintain its leadership position over the course of 170 years. Though the Civil War, two World Wars and The Great Depression, Brunswick adapted to the times and built a remarkable legacy.

Brunswick Billiards – The Legacy Of Brunswick

A deeper dive into the history of Brunswick, including the ability to search a robust collection of Brunswick products over 170 years, can be found here. Pictures from the Brunswick shoot can be seen below. 078A1271078A1176078A1137078A1062078A1425078A1216078A1286078A0315Brunswick_History_Exec_Team