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An Afternoon With Santa Claus

An Afternoon With Santa Claus

In the spirit of the holidays, the creative team at Richter Studios was asked to film Santa Claus as part of a fun Christmas-themed piece for Scot Forge, a manufacturer of high-quality metal forging solutions.

Starting as a small hammer shop in Chicago, Scot Forge has been in business since 1893. This means the company has been celebrating Christmas for more than 120 years! As can be seen in the finished film below, Santa himself made a special appearance. Rumor has it that his GPS malfunctioned and he somehow ended up at the Forge workshop instead of his famous one located at the North Pole.

Scot Forge – Christmas Film

“Of all the amazing celebrities we’ve worked with, Santa Claus is head and shoulders above the rest,” declared CEO Jeremy Richter. “We’re not sure how Scot Forge pulled this off but we wish both them and Santa a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”