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Brightest Kid

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Hungry for recognition. The Brightest Kid award program recognizes individual student achievements while driving restaurant traffic. Working in partnership with local eateries, teachers set goals for achievements in reading, math, sports, music, school spirit, and more. Kids who successfully complete the tasks are rewarded with restaurant certificates — and most visit with their families, creating brand-new customers for participating restaurants. With our background in producing short animated videos for business, Richter Studios was the motion graphics company with just the right menu of skills for this upbeat production.


Rewards that create a rush. To build restaurateurs’ confidence in the ability of this award program to build new business, this example of short animated videos for business defines the problem: too much restaurant competition and limited opportunities for truly targeted marketing. Then, it effectively sells the solution…even serving up appetizing sales statistics.

Leveraging our expertise in explainer video production services plus our longstanding leadership in Chicago animation, we layered bright, bold graphics in a whimsical style appropriate for the kids the awards will reach. The high-energy message: the program is a win-win for kids, restaurants, and the families who enjoy the rewards.

They made our daunting information super clear and easy to understand.

“If you're looking for an animation company, look no further! Richter Studios is fantastic to work with. They are prompt, reliable, and incredibly talented. They made our daunting information super clear and easy to understand in a fun and creative way. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Kari Fox | Millennium Trust Company

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