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Here’s a credit-worthy animated video production. One of the largest consumer credit reporting agencies, TransUnion collects and aggregates information on more than 1 billion individual consumers in over 30 countries. Its files profile nearly every credit-active consumer in the US. TransUnion services include credit scores, credit checks, and credit alerts. For this 2D animation explainer video on the advantages of using trended and alternative credit data, our promotional video company was the high-scoring choice.


What’s just out of frame? This 2D animation explainer video is constructed around a clever conceit: to fully understand a situation, you have to see the whole picture.

Our website video production explains how trended (long-term) and alternative (non-traditional) data can reveal a picture of creditworthiness among customers who have thin or no credit files. With these supplemental forms of data, creditors can accurately score up to 90% of the US population. We applied cool slow-motion animation to stock photos — showing how a wider context changes the meaning of a photo — while incorporating lively onscreen text and graphics. The result is among our favorite promotional videos for products in the Richter Studios repertoire.

They took our concept for the shoot and pushed it to deliver much more than we expected.

“Working with Richter Studios was a great experience. Not only did they deliver what we asked for, they absolutely added to the creative product. The team brought so much to the table — creativity, passion, and innovative ideas. They took our concept for the shoot and pushed it to deliver much more than we expected. I wholeheartedly recommend Richter studios. They are a great asset to any team.”

Dawn Bradshaw | DeVry University

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