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Let it grow. Since 1991, Frontgate has produced unique outdoor and indoor furniture, tabletop and entertainment items, rugs, bed and bath accessories, storage solutions — and holiday decor and gifts. From patio seating to pool floats to fireplace screens to table lamps, their products are created with exclusive, in-house designs. When Frontgate needed a product animation video highlighting their flip Christmas tree, our Chicago animation studio planted the seed of a idea and grew it into a clever animated explainer video production.


Deck the halls…with a Christmas tree so realistic its needle tips are molded from live trees. Frontgate knows how to make homes beautiful at holiday time. And Richter Studios knows how to create a stunning product animation video that captures the end customer.

Our promotional video agency used photo animation for this fast-moving spot, creating and editing a series of still shots to simulate movement. The video showcases the Flip Tree’s unusual design, demonstrating how easy it is to receive, set up, light, decorate, take down, and store this innovative product. With upbeat music and onscreen captions, the final result puts tree shoppers firmly in the holiday spirit.

I had a phenomenal experience creating a B2B animated video with the team at Richter Studios.

“I had a phenomenal experience creating a B2B animated video with the team at Richter Studios. Everyone worked hard, was very responsive, and produced a quality product that not only met our requirements, but brought our vision to life. I highly recommend them.”

Tina Kvavle | Kaufman Hall

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