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Check this out. AutoCheck is a scoring system used to report a vehicle’s history based on its vehicle identification number (VIN). This rating is offered through Experian, one of the leading credit score monitoring companies, to help customers make better vehicle purchasing decisions and assist auto dealers in explaining vehicle history to potential buyers. When AutoCheck wanted a high-powered 3D animation video production to show how its scoring system works, it turned to explainer video company Richter Studios to drive the project. We created a visually engaging, easy-to-understand video that fuels real confidence in customers.


What’s the score? The patented AutoCheck score uses a VIN to rate a vehicle’s condition and value based on its specific history. One of Richter Studios’ many promotional videos for products, this concise spot explains how positive events (for example, relatively low mileage) and negative events (like accidents, fires, and airbag deployments) both contribute to the score.

We created this 3D animation video production in Cinema 4D. So that the narration would remain easy to follow, we kept the imagery bright and simple. Though it’s short, the final result really goes the distance.

They were able to grasp our technology, and put forth an excellent final product. A+ Work!

“I was looking for an Animation Company to produce an Animated Explainer Video for Marketing, and to use as a Sales tool for my Team. I wanted to depict the operation of our system versus the competitions systems, and show the differences. The video I received was better than expected! The Richter Studios Team was very easy and collaborative to work with. They were able to grasp our technology, and put forth an excellent final product. A+ Work!”

David Wick | Sales & Marketing Manager | Scientific Dust Collectors

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